Here at Infinity Playground Equipment we are a newly opened business but rest assured we are not new to the industry. The owners have been in this industry for 40 years combined. One owner designing, building and installing playground equipment for 30 years. The other owner has 10 years in the sales and marketing end of the industry and customer service. It is our goal to build high quality safe playground equipment for the children because at the end of the day that is what it is all about – ensuring that children are having fun and having it safely.

We will strive to have the best customer service possible and do our best to always have 100% customer satisfaction. We will build the highest quality toys at the best price possible to make the toys affordable for all consumers. We will always look to improve our equipment and develop new designs to bring into the Playground Industry.

All our equipment is built of heavy gauge steel — commercial grade and built using ASTM and CSPC Guidelines. A lot of the toys will have imaginary theme panels built out of HDPE Plastic which is high density polyethylene plastic. It is very durable, Fade Resistant, UV Resistant, and Scratch Resistant. All the floors of our spring toys will be built with Trex Wood, (manufactured plastic wood) we do all this to make the toys as low maintenance as possible because who wants to replace worn items on toys all the time.

The most important thing we hope to do is to let children’s imaginations soar to new levels through play. Let their social skills be built by interacting with all their friends and help them get stronger as their motor skills are being refined and strengthened.

Our motto and goal at Infinity Playground Equipment…

“Forever Building Imaginations Through Play”