Trike Path

The Trike Path helps keep trikes and riders safer, away from other playground traffic. Easy to set-up, change, and maintain the Trike Path instantly improves the playground experience. Build their imagination by varying the track and its accessories.

  • Our Trike Path is ADA Compliant, it is 5’ wide and has a 2” edge’s  along the side so your play area can meet the ADA Law.

The Bristol and Crazy Eight Trike Path configurations ship with entrance/exit section. The other configurations may add an entrance/exit section upon request at no additional cost.

Accessories include:

  • Trike Storage Shed
  • Traffic signs
  • Tricycles
  • Themed Playhouses

Configurations and sizes

  • Atlanta Crazy Eight 45′ 8″ x 18′ 11″
  • Bristol Oval 26′ 11″ x 18′ 11″
  • Daytona Square 18′ 11″ x 18′ 11″
  • Talladega Fast Track 10′ 11″ x 18′ 11″